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Q:  Will the CSR be licensed in my state?

A: Yes, either with a resident license or a Non-Resident license


Q: Is your team Bilingual?

A: Some CSRs are bilingual Spanish, if you require a bilingual CSR please indicate this need on your application.


Q: Are your CSRs fully licensed?

A: Most CSR’s carry P&C and Life & Health


Q: Can your team answer inbound calls?

A: Yes, this is a VIP service and availability is limited.


Q: What is considered Sales?

A: Any task that generates new business or creates a new household or has growth potential. New Applications, Paper applications, State 2 State, Region 2 Region, incomplete applications, pended applications, policy reviews and pivot opportunities.


Q: What is considered service?

A: Existing business, post policy issued, renewal supporting documents and discounts, inquiries, sorting BOD, shared folders, and cases.


Q: Are you exclusive to St. Farm?

A: Yes


Q: How do I benefit as an agent?

A: The Surus team is vetted, licensed and system trained.


Q: Will my CSR need an alias and a background check?

A: 99% of our team already has an alias and completed modules and a BIG background check. We are always growing so there is a small chance you will be paired with 1% who will need an alias and a background check.


Q: Will my CSR need a laptop?

A: If you have requested a Full-time service CSR they will need a laptop since you will be the only agent they are paired with. If you have a part time need, they may have a laptop and another St. Farm agent.


Q: What is the cost?

A: Our service fee is based on several factors. They best way to get a proper quote is to visit the agent application tab on the website, submit your application and a quote will be provided to you based on the numbers provided to Surus. Your place in line will be recorded in the order your application is received.


Q: How will they be able to access my book of business?

A: Each CSR is a w2 employee


Q: Do you have vacation time and sick pay worked into your quote?

A: Yes, each CSR is entitled to 10 days paid vacation every 12 months.


Q: Do you provide other services?

A: Yes, we offer system training to St. Farm agents and team members.



Q: Do you share collective information with younger or less experienced agents and team?

A: Yes, we believe like a good neighbor! We share our wealth of knowledge and experience with all partnering agents. When you get Surus we all win.


Q: Do you have a contract?

A: No, we have an agreement, and it is on 30-day terms


Q: How long does it take once I have CSR assigned to me?

A: Once a CSR is assigned to you, the onboarding process typically takes less than 2 weeks.


Q: What type of access will my CSR need?

A: You will need to grant your CSR full access to your system, just like any other w2 employee.


Q: Do you have a wait list?

A: Yes, we are constantly growing however and slowly pairing agents all over the U.S. Our goal is to provide Quality Service to existing and new partnering agents. It could take 6 months to a year before you are paired depending on the services you need but once you are a partner with Surus your agency is priority for the life of the partnership.


Q: How can I get started?

A: Select the agent application tab and fill in your application today. You will be contacted to review your application and be provided a quote for services you selected as a priority on your application. Once your quote is provided and you wish to retain Surus services we will assign a CSR and proceed with next steps.



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