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Surus Solutions Inc.

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Surus Solutions is an executive level company that understands the importance of choosing a quality business partner.  We are an organization built on quality performance and a commitment to our partners to be the best. Our services include but not limited to Professional staffing services, providing business support staffing, Employment agency services and customer service management for others. Our clients have trusted us to service them, and their clients alike, by disseminating the best information to empower policyholder’s with objective, fact-based information.


Our innovative service solutions and commitment to quality lays the foundation for Surus. We partner with resident and nonresident agents all over the United States. How do you benefit? The Surus Team is skilled, trained and are licensed service representatives that can easily acclimate to the harmony of your office remotely while making the entire service process seamless to your team and clientele.


Lastly, your specialist is not alone.  She/he is part of a large network with endless resources.  So, you are not just getting a service representative, you are finally getting SURUS!!!


      Under Promise; Over Deliver

CEO Amanda Beth staffing company


Amanda Beth

We Staff Licensed & Experienced Insurance Representatives. Remote & In-office

Contact our Team today to unlock your unlimited potential with our comprehensive training and cutting edge technology. 

Colleagues Working in Office


Our team is licensed and trained with large household insurance agencies. We partner with agents all
over the U.S. working as the liaison between your clients
and the service/underwriting departments. We carry a
combined experience of 70 years in the insurance industry.

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